Map & Directions

3200 Kensington is near local dining, grocery markets, neighborhood parks and recreation spots like McPherson Square, Harrowgate Park, and Scanlon Playground and Pool. All within 5 minutes. 3200 Kensington offers out-the-door access to Esperanza Health Center and the El with direct transit to Center City and points throughout Philadelphia. Some key neighborhood locations are listed below. For a full list, head over to NKCDC's community resources directory.

Food & Drink

Café Mi Quang
Cantina La Martina
Càphê Roasters
Crispy Pizza
El Coqui
J&J family Restaurant
Pound Cake Heaven
Sherry’s Restaurant

Grocery & Shopping

Compare And Save Supermarket
Home Depot
Shop Rite

Parks & Green Spaces

Harrowgate Park
Kensington Avenue Community Garden
McPherson Square
Scanlon Playground and Pool

Health Center

Esperanza Health Center
Temple University Hospital

Community Orgs

Hispanic Community Counseling Services
Impact Services
New Kensington CDC